Welcome to Synergy Labour


SYNERGY LABOUR was established in 2005 as an independent labour management consultancy with the purpose of providing practical, understandable and personalised labour solutions.

Legislation in South Africa has started to play an increasingly important role in the day to day management of business and has turned simple labour management into complicated and difficult to manage principles.

In the past, employers applied their own initiative within the workplace; now the role of the state has become more prominent in the issuing of various determinations and/or directives to be complied with.

Labour law is becoming more and more complex with constant updates and amendments being made to the relevant governing acts. Rulings in the Labour Court and arbitration decisions are constantly changing the face of South African labour law and principles. It is also important to note that where previous legislation aimed at rectifying and/or correcting unfair labour practices, the new forms of legislation have taken on a more punitive approach. It is therefore to the detriment of management to apply reactive or corrective measures where these problems can easily be avoided by following basic and straightforward principles.

This is where SYNERGY LABOUR will guide and assist you in effectively managing all your Labour related matters and compliance thereto. Our aim is to inform and facilitate as well as educate businesses concerning the principles of the Labour Law and Human Resources best practices.


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